A new era: Innovation boost for the T-Series

The new generation of our boom technology is now also available with our straight telescoping model range, marking the beginning of a new era. The five new models of the “T-Series” offer more outreach at an even higher basket capacity. Combined with new features in control technology the lifts are now even easier to use and offer more flexibility for a wide variety of applications.

Five models on two chassis types

Following the modular design principle, the TEUPEN engineers have again used the 0,98 m wide chassis of the models LEO21GT and LEO24GT. Completely identical in its design the chassis now also serves as base for the LEO19T and the next higher model, the LEO23T.

Apart from synergy effects in production, the customer has benefits in spare parts management as well as in training his team or in familiarizaion of his rental users.

The basic construction of the 0.98 m wide chassis was also kept when designing the wider 1.58 m chassis for the three new higher models LEO27T, LEO31T and LEO35T – which will all, combined with their minimum transport height of 1.99 m, fit through standard double doors.

High-performance stabiliser system

The fully automatic and multi-position stabilising system offers various setup positions: The both-sides-wide setting enables 450° turret rotation.
If there is less space available for positioning, one side can be set up narrow to work over the wide stabiliser setup.

In this setting it is now possible with the models of the new T-Series to rotate also over the narrow setting as long as the boom is fully retracted. This is especially an advantage when working in tricky situations in confined jobsites.

Furthermore, in terrain or in setup areas where there are constructional obstacles the design of the stabilisers offers great benefits: They individually level out on slopes of up to 16.7° (30 %) or height differences of up to 1.20 m and make working in areas with uneven terrain or over obstacles possible.

New boom technology for the highest possible performance

By using high-strength steel types and utilizing new ways in material processing and treatment ground-breaking performance data is now also possible with our straight boom models.

All five new models offer the best outreach performance available in their respective working height class: with a full basket capacity of 250 kg in the entire working area! With a basket load of 250kg, the LEO19T reaches out 13,5 metres (14.5 m at 80 kg), the LEO23T 12.5 m (15.6 m at 80 kg) – the models LEO27T, LEO31T and LEO35T have an outreach of 14.7 m at 250 kg (17.7 m at 80 kg).

Unlike the previous versions of the T-Series now the complete track of cables, hoses and cylinders is mounted within boom sections which are designed with a wider diameter – protected from damage, wear and tear and weather effects.

All new models offer a 450° turret rotation, a 180° basket rotation and the ability to move the jib arm by 180°. Furthermore the basket is detachable to increase manoeuvrability, for example in narrow entrances or in confined work areas.

Control system of the next generation

The control technology of the next generation allows the absolute fine tuning of the interaction between hydraulics and electronics. The fully-proportional “load-sensing hydraulic system” is especially notable in the speed regulation of boom movements.

In every situation the hydraulic system can deliver the exactly required performance. The control system automatically calculates, depending on the position of the basket within the working area, the maximum allowed movement speed. It is reduced in extreme limits of the working area but automatically increases in less extreme positions.

The abilities of the new control system also make possible new operating functions. Unique in the arena of tracked aerial work platforms, the operator can use the “home-function” to automatically return the boom into its resting position. Furthermore, with the new “memory-function”, any given point in the working area can be saved and returned to at the push of a button.

On the practical radio remote control all machine functions are available from one spot. It will be part of the standard equipment of all new models. As a new option, a second display is available on the chassis to offer the operator the same level information as it is available on the display in the basket. Especially in service mode the additional information source comes in very useful when performing inspection and maintenance work.

Innovative and practical service & emergency control system

The five new T-Series models all come with the same clearly arranged and therefore easy to use service and emergency control system. The direct hydraulic operating functions are easily accessible on one control board. All functions needed for service mode or emergency lowering are available from this one spot where the user follows a simple 1-2-3 step by step principle. Furthermore, the emergency lowering function is powered by a dedicated battery – this makes the use of a hand pump obsolete.

Dual drive system for indoor and outdoor use

In their standard configuration the two new models LEO19T and LEO23T come with a 230 V electric motor for “plug and go” indoor use as well as with a 16 hp petrol Vanguard engine (manufacturer Briggs & Stratton). Optionally, the petrol engine can be replaced by a 14.7 hp Kubota Diesel engine (model Z602) or a battery pack.

The models LEO27T, LEO31T and LEO35T, in their standard versions, are equipped with a 24.5 hp Kubota Diesel for outdoor applications as well as the 230 V electric motor for indoor use. Optionally, the Diesel engine can be replaced with a battery pack.

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  LEO19T — 19,20 m working height
  LEO23T — 23,20 m working height
  LEO27T — 27,00 m working height
  LEO31T — 31,00 m working height
  LEO35T — 35,00 m working height

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