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48599 Gronau, Germany


Working height 30,00 m
Lateral reach 14,00 m with 200kg,
15,70 m with 80 kg basket load
Basket load 200 kg
Transport length, width & height 7,20 m, 1,58 m, 1,98 m
Total weight 4225 kg
Energy options Diesel engine, AC motor
(230V standard, 400V optional)

The LEO 30 T – The Original – for many years the standard work platform in many broad applications. This bestselling model, with an outstanding versatility, is especially suited to supply diverse indoor and outdoor solutions. The LEO 30 T can be safely driven in rough and uneven terrain. The very high outrigger setup and the automatic leveling system ensure confidence in operation and safety at height.

1 - Track drive

On its powerful track drive system driving on slopes up to 30% and even climbing stairs is no problem for the LEO30T. With an optimal weight distribution under the non-marking rubber tracks it is also leaves delicate floor types undamaged.

2 - Adjustable track system

The continuously height- and width-adjustable track system allows to increase ground clearance and to drive alongside slopes in terrain and lowers the machine when passing narrow entrances.

3 - Outrigger system

The multi-level, multi-position stabiliser system permits to automatically set up the machine in confined areas and on slopes.

4 - Radio remote controls

With the radio remote controls the LEO30T is controlled from one spot – either in the basket or walking alongside the machine for the best overview while maneuvering.

5 - Power options

The LEO30T is equipped with a Diesel engine for outdoor and a 230V electric motor for indoor use. A 400V AC motor is optional.